Monday, May 3, 2010

In My Studio This Week: Salt Lake Temple Painting!

For some reason I have always loved the Salt Lake Temple! As a child growing up in Boise Idaho it was easy to visit often because it was so close! To this day it remains my favorite temple not only because of its breathtaking architectural beauty, but also because it is so rich with visual symbolism from top to bottom! After giving a talk in church about temples I was inspired to do this painting. I would have to say though, because of the motifs on it it does lean towards the more decorative side of art. However, since I have become a stay at home mom I keep finding myself inching my way over to the crafty side of life where I create more "decorations" and less fine art! Who can blame me though. I had a baby eight months ago so maybe I am still nesting? Oh well! I love it though. The richness of colors and the warmth remind me of the feelings I feel when I visit the temple. I am now working on a series of paintings of Temples that all explore this distressed style of painting, rich with warm colors and various symbols and motifs. More to come soon!!
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  1. Hey you need to come over and tell me how to make my house a decorative art piece! I have such a hard time decorating because I have always lived in apartments...