Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So here's what I've been up to!!!

I feel like my life has been completely focused on arts and crafts this summer, which for me is definitely not a bad thing. It has just kept me very busy! The following post is the proof of the artistic marathon I have been running all summer. It all started with my Summer Art Classes That I taught the first two weeks of June. They were an absolute blast, and I feel so happy and grateful they turned out so well! I have come to realize how much I love teaching children. Childhood Innocence mixed with imagination and a few art materials are a great recipe for amazing creations, and a lot of fun! Next it was onto Stake Girls Camp where I was lucky enough to be the Craft director. Organization was the key here to surviving. I was so happy that all the girls were so eager and excited to get Crafting. Who could blame them though because the projects we came up with were pretty amazing if you ask me?

The theme for camp was Jewels in the Rough, so we made these cute plaques that displayed our camp scripture Proverbs 31:10. I bought lots of colorful papers and paints and it was amazing to see the many variations that the young women came up with. I was so impressed!

These Necklaces were the other project that we did to go along with our theme. We used glass tiles that were purchased from and mod podged different designed papers onto the back. We finished them off with cute silver chains or colored twine. We also used metal washers to create jewelry with that we hand stamped with a metal stamping set.Then we drew over them with sharpie ink to darken the imprint left by the stamp and then washed it clean.I thought this project was so fun because i love taking a found object that at first seems so ordinary, and then with a little creativity transforming it into something extraordinary!

Next it was onto my third and final session of my summer art class, and then various home decorating projects I have been dying to finish. Here are a few of them.

My daughter has about a billion hair bows as you can see and I wanted a cute way to organize/ display them. I made this out of an old window frame that I got for free. Then I took some cardboard panels and upholstered them with cute fabric. I finished it off with some brown ribbon that I crisscrossed onto the front of the two side panels. Then I clipped all her bows on and here it is! It cost all of about $5 to make.

I sat the bow display on top of her cute new vintage dresser that I refinished. I spotted it at a garage sale and wheeled and dealed them down to $7 for the beauty. Then bought two cans of pink spray paint and came out with this!!!

Here is another great garage sale find that I turned into a beauty of a wall hanging. I bought this old window frame at another yard sale for 50 cents! I opened up Photoshop when I got home and came up with this cute design to put in my beautiful frame. It  now hangs in my living room and I love it. It only cost me about $2 to make the entire thing!!

So there is a peak at what I have been up to. I hope to have some time to finish some of the fine art work that I have started so that I can post it soon. Now i'm off to take a nap and dream up my next creation!!


  1. where did you get the old window frame? i have a project i'd like to try that requires window frames and i can't find them anywhere!
    p.s. everything looks really great!

  2. I get them at garage sales, or people just give them to me.

  3. you are a crafting rock star!