Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday August 1st I had an Aneurysm. I remember having a headache really suddenly. I was at church and we were supposed to be listening, but for some reason I could not. My husband said I looked up at him and half of my face was drooping. Right after that he said he was going to take me to the ER. He did and it turned out that he was right for taking me. I spent almost two weeks in the hospital. I was taken to West Valley first but about an hour later I was taken to Saint Alphonsus. I had an aneurysm that was a birth defect. From the day I was born I had it I just did not know. Lucky me! We spent a few weeks in the hospital. From the first day an anesthesiologist told my dad that he didn't see me making it, and here I am. I spent three days in the ICU. Then I went to the Nero Floor and I stayed there for about four days, and then I spent the rest of the time in recovery. I can not tell you how much it meant to me for all those who came to visit me. To my family, and my friends thank you so much for what you did. It meant the world to me. As for me now am relearning all the things I have forgot since that Sunday. Learning how to use my right hand which I lost the use of. Learning how to reset my face. You don't understand how annoying it is to have your face crooked. Lastly I'm working on my dysphasia (the difficulty of speech and communication). I have done such a great job in therapy. Each day it is coming along.I want to thank all my family. All the Ransley's, especialy to my parents. To all my Batteen family. To Val and Nancy and everyone else who has taken care of me.
 Thanks Aunt Amy, Adam and Jennie, Amy, Angela, Amanda and Jon, Cousin Jenny, Kara, Ben and Kristen, Kristen Davies, Jessica, Dave and Valynn, and my very own Grandpa and Grandma. Thank you sooooo much!


  1. Jeff really appreciated the time that you allowed him to visit you in the hospital. You look so beautiful!! I can't believe your progress as well. Quite remarkable. We experienced a similar situation in our family almost two years ago. I recognize how well you are doing!
    Much love,
    Kristi Miller from the ward.

  2. You continue to be in our family's prayers! We are so glad you are making a good recovery!

  3. Hi Lindsey, I am your Mother's uncle Jerry, and have been following your progress through your husband's posts and through Amy! It is so good to hear of the progress you are making and know our prayers have been with you! Thanks for accepting me as a friend on facebook! It's a great way to keep in touch with family! We live in American Fork, Utah! Look forward to hearing more from you and am so thankful that you are recovering so well! Jerry and Billie Bowen

  4. So glad you are progressing so well and so quickly. I was so happy I got to see you the other day even though it was just for a minute! You look absolutly beautiful and I am so thankful to have been able to get to know you the little I have. You are amazingly talented and a true beauty on the inside and outside!